Barcelona and Wine Tasting

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Planned by
Lluis Pujol

Discover the vibrant allure of Barcelona on an 8-day journey that blends culture, cuisine, and captivating architecture. From the modernist marvels of L�Eixample to the ancient Roman ruins in Tarragona, each day unfolds a new facet of this enchanting city. Indulge in traditional Catalan cuisine, unwind on secluded beaches, and immerse yourself in the world-class wine region of Priorat. This is your chance to experience Barcelona like never before. Don't miss out, start planning your unforgettable trip today!

Trip Highlights:

  • Marvel at Barcelona's iconic modernist buildings
  • Unwind on the secluded Cala Fonda beach
  • Delight in Priorat's world-class wine tastings

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