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Add an activity

Some of the most important parts of a trip itinerary are the activities you will do while traveling. This can include tours, sight-seeing spots, restaurants, sports, or walking paths. Let's add your first activity together!

Create a trip

Creating a trip is the basis of everything in this application but there are a few ways to do it. Here you will learn how to create a trip in the Ravel Trips platform.

Creating an account

Creating an account is the first step to getting started with Ravel Trips and unlocking incredible digital and travel experiences. Here is how you do it.

Delete your account

We're sad to see you go, but everyone has their reasons. We'll help you with deleting your account.

Edit a trip

Once a trip is created, you will want to change and edit the itinerary. This is how you do it.

How to become an advisor on Ravel Trips

Upgrading to an advisor role unlocks many features and processes to plan trips for clients and make money while doing it. We'll walk through how to upgrade your account and talk about all the great things you get with it.

How to change your password

Sometimes you forget your password. We all do. We're here to help you change it and get you back to planning your next trip right away!

How to purchase a premium template

Not all trips are free. Premium templates help creators to monetize their knowledge while kickstarting the planning process for travelers who want high quality trips. Let's see how to purchase one.

How to use trip views

Every traveler visualizes their trip in a different way. Our platform enables the best way for each person. This lesson shows you how to make the most of the different trip views so you can become even more efficient.

Invite co-travelers or clients

Not every trip is a solo trip. Invite your friends to your trip or invite your clients so they can see the itinerary you created for them. We'll tell you how.

Set up your profile

Your profile is important so other travelers can see who you are. Let's help you update your information so you can get out there and share your expreriences!

What is Ravel Trips?

Travelers today have to plan trips totally alone because there are no real resources for expert support. Guide books and travel blogs can only go so far. Ravel Trips allows travelers to get trips planned quicker and easier by getting help from real travel experts in a beautiful platform.

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