Profile management

Creating an account

Creating an account is the first step to getting started with Ravel Trips and unlocking incredible digital and travel experiences. Here is how you do it.

Creating an account can be a daunting experience. You're giving up a bit of personal information in return for a great user experience which helps your achieve your goals.

Our goal is to make that process easy and straightforward. But it's not always so. That's why we've made a quick tutorial on how to get started.

How to create an account

To get started, head to the web application and click "sign up" in the top right corner of the screen. If you are on a mobile device you should see the button also in the top right corner, next to the hamburger menu button.

If you already have an account, you can sign in here or switch to "sign in" on the pop-up window.

On the pop-up window, you can choose to sign up with social accounts (Google, Facebook, or Apple) or with your email. Signing up with email requires an email verification before you can proceed, so make sure you have access to your email inbox.

If you signed up with a social account, you can already move forward, but if you signed up with email you will need to check your inbox and click on the link provided.

After clicking the link, you will be brought back to the app, where you need to complete your personal information to create your account. This includes adding your name and choosing your password.

That's it! Now you're ready to start working in Ravel Trips and planning an incredible journey or sharing your content.

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